4 Ways to calm the mind without meditation

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Follow these mindful tips for your well-being.

  1. Get more sleep.

You need 7-9 hours.

Consider napping to catch up.

Ensure you get the hours you need.

  1. Do daily prayers or affirmations.

Find a quote, phrase or a prayer.

A phrase makes you feel safe.


Repeat 5 times

The prayer or phrase for your protection

Another for your loved ones.

And end with your community and the world.

  1. Stop watching the news.

A misguided representation of reality.

Everything in the news is out of your control.

Feeling helpless and stressed won’t change what is happening.

Use that time for inner peace.

  1. Spend time in nature every day.

Watch a flower, a tree, a lake, and sunset.

Nature calms the brain.

You don’t have to do anything just admire it.

One quote
“ A calm mind is like an invisible coat that shields you from negativity.” -Emannuel Paul

One question
What can you begin doing or stop doing to be calmer in your week?

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