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Recently I decided to explore a new way of focusing on my meditation. I began to practice my meditation with my eyes open. Keeping my eyes open is a unique experience for me, and it requires mental effort to keep my eyes open.

I have always closed my eyes when I meditate. It’s automatic. I don’t think about closing, and it just happens. Even when I do guided meditation for groups and clients, I tend to keep my eyes closed most of the time. The only time I open my eyes is to keep track of the time.

During the open-eyed meditation, I have to remind myself to keep my eyes open frequently. My mind keeps insisting that I closed my eyes. I can hear that inner voice saying, “close your eyes.”

I have to admit that it feels different and a little challenging. Saying that I enjoy the experience, and I have found that the more I practice, the more I’m beginning to settle into this new perspective in my meditation.

Today I want to share a simple practice with you that you explore and practice if you’re going to meditate with your eyes open. Keeping your eyes open can help you reduce drowsiness in meditation and stay awake in your practice.

It can also be a great tool to remind ourselves to stay present and focus during our day. Learning’s how to train your mind and eyes to focus on one thing could be a great way to practice active mindfulness.

How to begin the practice


 Set a timer or some music that you like to use in your meditation. Pick the amount of time that you are going to practice. My advice is, to begin with, a short practice of maybe 3-5 minutes.


 Find a comfortable seat. If you prefer to lie down, you can also do that. You can even practice standing. I tend to prefer I seated posture, but it is really up to you and your posture preference.

Observe your body

 Relax your shoulder, arms, hands, and jaw. Relax any area of your body that it tense pr uncomfortable. Check for your posture to comfortable and that you are not slouching. Ensure you can take full breathes and that your position is not interfering with proper breathing

Find your focus

Let your eyes cast their gaze on something in front of you. An object or a point of stillness. Look with relaxed gazed and let your eyes rest on the location of focus that you chose.

Keep Looking

As you keep your gaze relaxed, keep relaxing into your breath. Continue looking and let go of any additional tension in your body. Soften your belly and any area of the body that can soften.

Expand your visual field

Set your peripheral view to dominate so you can notice things around, but you don’t have to change your eyes position. Notice and observe what is happening around you. Observe. Continue expanding your visual field, but don’t turn your gaze. Keep going until your time is up.

One quote

“We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change what happens within us.”

Andy Puddicombe

One question

Are you interested in exploring open-eyed meditation?

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