Explore your true desires in five mindful steps

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The word desire means a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. I’m sure if I asked right now if you have hopes, you would have many. But if I asked you, what are your heart desires, what will you say?

Our heart desires go deeper than just a general desire. These types of desires are the ones that connect your personal growth, inner peace, and life fulfillment. They are about things that are important for your life satisfaction and true happiness.

Our heart desires are the things that worth pursuing in life. They are the things that will give your experience more meaning and a deeper purpose.

If you want to explore and make your heart desires a reality, you can begin today doing a simple practice, mindful journaling.

How to do it:

Write them down

Get a notebook and write down what are our heart desires. What are the things that you want and wish in your life to have more inner peace, growth, and fulfillment?

Select one

Select one of your desires that you want to make a reality, but it hasn’t happened. Think about one wish in your control, but you have not been able to move forward.

Bring creativity

To ignite more creativity about achieving this wish, do one thing differently. To move your mind to find new ways to deal with the challenge, bring a new perspective. Write down ten solutions that you have not tried in the past. Any idea is a good idea.

Step away

Move away from your journal and do something else. Place your attention to something not related to your desire. Go for a walk, meditate, exercise, or take a shower.


Then come back, take a seat, and visualize yourself as your desire had come true. See yourself and your wish happening. Write down the experience and see how to open your mind becomes to new ideas.

One quote

“Do what your heart desires, never hold back a thing, and don’t worry so much about what the others think, because at the end of the day, what makes you happy is what matters the most.”


One question

What are your heart desires at this moment?

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