The standing stress release technique

We have accepted that to survive our stressful life and multiple demands, multitasking is the way to go. It turns out that our brain disagrees. Focusing on a thing and…

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7 Tips for better sleep.

Your environment matters when it comes to sleep. Simple changes can make all the difference… -Reduce electronics use. Install in your laptop yellow screen mode. Use it 2 hours before…

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4 Ways to calm the mind without meditation

Follow these mindful tips for your well-being. Get more sleep. You need 7-9 hours. Consider napping to catch up. Ensure you get the hours you need. Do daily prayers or…

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How worry interferes with your sleep

You are trying to fall asleep and you start to worry. If you keep worrying, the mind gets aroused. Figuring out a solution. Still worrying, you enter a cycle. Rumination.…

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How you create illness

Your brain is your protector. When it detects a threat or worry, becomes vigilant. After 2 minutes of a threat. The alarm turns on. Releases cortisol. Excess of cortisol damages…

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What’s keeping you up at night?

Our mind wanders most of the time. To the past and future. To judgment and criticism. Our brain repeats the same thoughts all day. Getting stuck in stressful thinking. Creating…

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Are you stressed out about the holidays?

If you answer “yes”, you are not alone. Majority of people have more stress during holidays. Have you heard of the George Bailey effect? From the Christmas movie, “It’s a…

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Savasana: 3 Simple Steps to Achieve Complete Relaxation

Six year ago I started a daily commitment to yoga. Now as a qualified yoga teacher, I still love to attend yoga classes as a student. Whenever I attend a…

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