How can gratitude help remote work?

A study on gratitude found that only 10% of people say thank you at work. Gratitude at work can inject motivation in a remote worker. When someone says than you,…

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For better sleep, stop running after your thoughts

Disrupting your stressful thoughts could be a crucial factor in improving your sleep. Ensuring that you get the sleep you need could hold the key to your overall wellbeing. Difficulties…

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Why is the vagus nerve essential for wellbeing

Stress is individual and personal. You come out of the grocery store, and you see some smoke in the parking lot. When you look, you see a fire in an…

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What no one tells you about getting older

I can’t keep track of how many I have recently talked to that have concerns about their aging. People’s worries vary, but mostly they all seem to be negative. The…

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One way to stop the fear influencers

Our brain acts like velcro to negative news. This happens without us having to take an active part in this mental process. Our brains are wired to pay attention to…

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Protect yourself from brain overload

In our world, we are used to dealing with our worries and fears with information. If you worry, you open your phone or computer and search for information to reduce…

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Learning about your impatience

Recently I have noticed that people seem more aware and are paying more attention to their surroundings. Due to our global pandemic, we have trained ourselves to do our best…

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A mindful solution to finding your center.

Most of the time, we begin our actions based on what our mind is saying. We decide to do something, depending on what is going on in our head. It…

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Do nothing

I know how it feels to live a stressful life. I understand how life can feel overwhelming, mindless, and scattered—living with high levels of stress is not favorable for your…

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The power of touch during social distancing

Yes, we have to keep social distancing when we go out. It’s essential to follow recommendations when we are at the grocery store, walking the dog, and outside in public…

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