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Protect yourself from brain overload

In our world, we are used to dealing with our worries and fears with information. If you worry, you open your phone or computer and search for information to reduce…

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Learning about your impatience

Recently I have noticed that people seem more aware and are paying more attention to their surroundings. Due to our global pandemic, we have trained ourselves to do our best…

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A mindful solution to finding your center.

Most of the time, we begin our actions based on what our mind is saying. We decide to do something, depending on what is going on in our head. It…

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Do nothing

I know how it feels to live a stressful life. I understand how life can feel overwhelming, mindless, and scattered—living with high levels of stress is not favorable for your…

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The power of touch during social distancing

Yes, we have to keep social distancing when we go out. It’s essential to follow recommendations when we are at the grocery store, walking the dog, and outside in public…

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The standing stress release technique

We have accepted that to survive our stressful life and multiple demands, multitasking is the way to go. It turns out that our brain disagrees. Focusing on a thing and…

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Make your bedroom better for sleep.

Your environment matters when it comes to sleep. Simple changes can make all the difference… -Reduce electronics use. Install in your laptop yellow screen mode. Use it 2 hours before…

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4 Ways to calm the mind without meditation

Follow these mindful tips for your well-being. Get more sleep. You need 7-9 hours. Consider napping to catch up. Ensure you get the hours you need. Do daily prayers or…

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How worry interferes with your sleep

You are trying to fall asleep and you start to worry. If you keep worrying, the mind gets aroused. Figuring out a solution. Still worrying, you enter a cycle. Rumination.…

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How you create illness

Your brain is your protector. When it detects a threat or worry, becomes vigilant. After 2 minutes of a threat. The alarm turns on. Releases cortisol. Excess of cortisol damages…

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