Reduce shopping to be happier

Happiness starts with your brain. Your brain is responsible for happy hormones…. They create contentment. You feel good in your body. Today’s culture is selling “happiness”. A fast track to…

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How to increase your resilience with joy

Joy is more than just feeling good. Researchers found that joyful people … Are more successful in life They are better at solving problems. Creative thinking. Decision making. In joy,…

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Are you on a diet?

Dieting is a cultural obsession. Everyone is on a diet. There are too many “food experts”. Selling a magical solution. Are diets really helping? 65% of dieters return to pre-diet…

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How to find a better response

Recently I have been stuck. I don’t know what to do about a problem. Not sure how to solve it. Questioning over and over. “Is there even a solution?” Past…

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Do you want to be more confident?

Self-criticism could be your default mode. This mode has an unkind inner voice. That voice is draining your confidence. Feeling negative comes from that voice. Paying too much to it.…

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Do you avoid your emotions?

Suppressing your emotions is harmful. When you suppress your emotions you avoid them. Suppressing builds up. It doesn’t go away. It returns to you. It can show in many ways.…

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Non Judgement day is near

★ ONE IDEA Non Judgement day is near A car had this bumper sticker I loved it! It made me smile. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I got home…

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Fake it and you will make it

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ONE IDEA I used to be under the impression that to make a lasting change in my life was hard. If I wanted to be more joyful,…

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How Your Beliefs Shape Your Confidence

How much do you like yourself? If I asked you this question, how would you answer? Research has proven that the more you like yourself, the better you will do…

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How Matt Damon Helped Me Learn How to Become Fearless

Running is my new passion. The people close to me might say that it’s an obsession. It’s hard to believe that all my life I had the preconception that I…

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