leafless tree under white sky

When shit happens

You can spend your life trying your best to be a healthy person. You can eat right, only organic products, work out, take supplements, have a healthy weight, and drink…

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close-up photography of girl holding composite bow

How emotional suffering is created

Daily, we deal with situations that bring us dissatisfaction and disappointments. Everyday events have an impact on our mood and how we feel about life. Some days can feel more…

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black vehicle speedometer

A stranger at the gas station

Yesterday my husband called to tell me about a situation he observed while he stopped his car at a gas station to check his phone. At the same time, another…

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The mental clutter we can’t see

There is one massive frustration that I want to invite you today to get rid of or reduce. This mental clutter is crowding your mind, and we all do it.…

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woman in black and white plaid blazer

What to do when you feel powerless

If someone says to you, I feel powerless; you can assume that they feel fear and lack skills to deal with a situation. They have also given control of the…

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elevator signage

How to overcome an old hurtful emotional wound

Suppose I ask you to pretend that you are in an elevator. In this elevator, you are the only person inside. There are three floors. On the first floor, the…

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woman in white tank top running on dirt road during daytime

How to live with intentional joy

Today I had a bunch of errands and plans I wanted to complete. Last night, I set my alarm clock to wake up one hour earlier as I wanted to…

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people standing on shore during golden hour

Overcome a challenge using the power of others

In the book The upside to stress, Dr. Kelly Mc Gonigal reports that when we do better at overcoming challenges when we focus on doing for others or for improving…

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The mindful way to befriend your anger

Recently I was reading a book by Sharon Salzberg, Real love. In this book, she writes about loving-kindness. I want to share with you one of her perspectives on coping…

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How to find a deeper sense of community during social distancing

Social distancing is a measure taken to prevent the spread of a contagious disease by maintaining a physical distance between people. Limiting getting physically close to each other is important…

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