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How to deal with negative thoughts even when you don’t realize you have them

Our thinking is always on automatic pilot. Thinking is something we don’t control. Our thought patterns respond to previous experiences that have stayed in our minds of earlier experiences. Negative…

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How to use mindfulness meditation and fun to solve a problem when your mood is down

So you are stuck with a problem, and you keep overthinking about it. You feel that there are no satisfactory solutions to help you. The problem is making you down…

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How I release fear

My mind is going around in circles. I’m thinking about external frustrations and worries about the future. My thoughts are riding waves of exhausting situations. I try to distract myself,…

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Where to find your worry trap

A clinical study done with people from 18-59 years old concluded that most people worry about the same things. The most popular categories for worrying are personal relationships, work, financial,…

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One shortcut to reframe stress

There are no disagreements that we are living through challenging times. Challenges can increase stress levels and make us re-establish priorities in our lives. Usually, when we talk about stress,…

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3 Ways to free yourself from pessimism

Have someone ever told you: “Don’t be so negative, be happy! “ Did you find it useful? Research on optimism forecast that the most common answer is no. Happy is a…

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Has worrying been helpful to you

Every day we encounter an unlimited amount of things that we decide significant enough to spend some time worrying about. Your health, other people’s health, job, other people’s jobs, future,…

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Mindfully clearing emotional clutter

I had an Aunt that passed away a few years ago. She used to collect many mementos and decorated her home with them. She loved to stay connected with people…

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How to train a compassionate brain

In everyday life, we come across behaviors that we see in people that we dislike. Whether we find them disgusting, impatient, irrational, or obnoxious, we are judging these people. We…

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Do you have a negative thinking addiction?

I never realized that my mind was so stuck in negative thinking until I started a meditation practice. Not until I started paying attention to my thoughts did I noticed…

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