How to ground yourself

If you are feeling scattered and stressed, take a pause and look at nature. The natural world can help anyone to return to a mental state that feels centered and…

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How to stay grounded and stop judgments

I want to stay more connected with the present and mindful every day. Letting go of the past and not worrying about the future is where I want to be.…

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Three personal tips to begin a meditation practice

I frequently come across people that want to meditate and don’t know how to begin. When I first started to meditate years ago, my practice was very different from what…

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Effortless natural meditation, quietism

Quietism is an old contemplative practice that has influenced different religious traditions. It is also an eastern meditation practice. In this simple meditation, you train the mind to focus in…

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Taming your mind into it’s natural calm state

Our internal chaos could feel like our natural mental state. This is a mistake… Your mind ’s natural state is open and calm. Like an open blue sky. You have…

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3 Ways to find inner stillness.

Stillness it’s easier than you think. First, sit. Stop looking down. Turn off the phone. Look up. Literally. What can you see? Observe. After a while, notice. Look further. Stay…

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4 Ways to calm the mind without meditation

Follow these mindful tips for your well-being. Get more sleep. You need 7-9 hours. Consider napping to catch up. Ensure you get the hours you need. Do daily prayers or…

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Your mind is not the enemy

A common obstacle for meditators is resisting the mind. Getting frustrated with their thoughts. Meditation is not against the mind. The mind is not the enemy. In meditation, you develop…

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How to be a mindful when eating

Obese people have been able to improve eating habits with mindfulness training. Here are some tips on how to do it. Mindful eating starts with your body. Pay attention to…

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How to use tapping to stay mindful

Mindfulness, the most powerful tool I know. For results, practice. You don’t need a lot of time. Being mindful starts with noticing. Noticing your thoughts. Follow this technique. Take 3…

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