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Do you have an inner dialogue?

Our brain has a strong tendency to get in a negative default state. If you pay close attention to your internal dialogue, you will notice that your thoughts are somewhere…

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Relaxation is not the goal in meditation

Most people begin a meditation practice having a set goal that they want to accomplish. It is common for people to get interested in starting to meditate because they feel…

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Find calm with a new meditation

Recently I decided to explore a new way of focusing on my meditation. I began to practice my meditation with my eyes open. Keeping my eyes open is a unique…

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A mindful strategy to stop mind chatter

We live in a world with lots of sounds. Most of the day, we don’t pay attention to the sounds around us. When we were babies, our hearing was more…

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The mindfulness practice of deep listening

One of my favorite things to do is to lose myself in Nature. I find that Nature gives me clarity and serenity and opens my mind to looking at life…

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Hack your brain with small doses of mindfulness

Recently I have added short mindfulness practices in my day to stay connected to the present moment. I am doing these practices to hack my brain. Our brain learns better…

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Why do I feel tired when I meditate?

I have a good friend that is hesitant to start a meditation practice. She does not want to commit to a daily meditation due to feeling tired and sleepy. In…

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Mindful emailing: A better way to manage your email

Living a life that promotes mental balance and more equanimity involves patin attention to your daily actions. To have a more rooted experience in mindfulness, you must notice what activities…

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A powerful way of solving problems

In the last week, our world was shaken by the violent death of George Floyd. A lot of us are feeling sadness, anger, and/or frustration. It’s hard to take in…

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5 Things to do every morning for a mindful day

Start your day with mindfulness. Create a morning routine that revolves around more inner peace and positivity. Mindfulness does not need to be complicated. It is all about starting with…

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