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Mindfulness for women that are stressed out and want to feel more centered

In a recent workplace study, women were found more likely to quit their jobs than men. The pandemic has been putting more burdens on women. Work and home life balance…

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Why many people give up on meditation and how to overcome it

I’m a meditation coach, and many people say to me. 👎🏼”Meditation is not for me.” “I can’t shut down my thoughts. “ “When I’ve tried to meditate, my mind is…

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Mindfulness tips for anxiety and the inner critic that stops your meditation

When you sit in meditation, you are sitting with your inner world experience. While you are still quiet and focusing on your practice, your thoughts come along for the ride.…

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Meditation is not what you think

There are a lot of myths about meditation. I think that myths stop people from practicing. They also validate incorrect excuses and promote a negative view of meditating. Take a…

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Overcome one meditation struggle to increase productivity

Meditation requires a consistent effort to keep training your mind to sit and practice every day. I find that frequently people struggle to sit daily. Many obstacles can interfere with…

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How to cope with emotional loses

During this year, a lot of us have confronted loses. There are so many types of losses that develop with a global pandemic, political turmoil, wildfires, violence, and uncertainty. Many…

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woman sitting on sand

The mindful guide to decision making

Research studies about the decision-making process found that many things we ignore are vital factors when deciding. When I found out about these essential determinators, I was surprised. Knowing about…

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The mindful skill for self-confidence

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always stay attuned to the present moment? Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel confident in expressing your thoughts and feelings? Many…

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One solution for negative self-talk

The other day I was driving to the grocery store, and suddenly a memory from an accident that happened to my son came to mind. I started remembering this painful…

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A mindful way to open your heart

When we think of opening our hearts, we associate it with an opening to trust. Using the expression, I opened my heart involves feeling safe about the person I’m opening…

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