How to mindfully listen to our kids and loved ones.

Recently I had an argument with my daughter. I felt uncomfortable. Angry. I didn’t think I accomplished anything because I got hooked. Judging. I didn’t listen. I reacted. Self- reflection…

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How we get hooked on social media

Talking about ourselves is rewarding. Our brain loves it. When you post on social media… Your brain receives a reward. The reward zone is the same that gets activated with…

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Please, slowdown for love!

Love is our supreme emotion. It’s in our DNA. Learn how to love because… You need to love. We all need to be loved. Connect with someone, your brain gets…

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man and woman hugging near trees

Why you need to become a hug promoter.

Affection is necessary for babies to develop. A basic human need. There are only two needs that are more important. Food and shelter. If you have food. A safe place…

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smirking woman

How to be joyful everyday.

The science of happiness is validating joy as a strategy for mental resilience. Practice one of my proven tips for joyful living…. Intentionally start your day with joy. Wake up…

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How to breathe gratitude

Want to improve your immunity? Research found that practicing gratitude can do it. You only need 15 minutes. Appreciation boosts antibodies against viruses. Increases inmunoglobins in the mouth & nose.…

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person wearing distressed blue denim jeans inside room

The price of escaping our suffering

A painful emotion can create suffering, but you can choose not to be in misery. Re-think your emotions and become friends with them. Don’t be afraid of facing them. If…

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blue butterfly in flight

Stop poisoning yourself

Letting go of hate can be complicated. Holding on to your pain can have “false benefits” Hating someone who wrong you can seem fair. “I’m not weak, I’ll make him/her…

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How to improve any relationship

★ ONE IDEA If you want to have better relationships, do self reflection. We are all guilty of not paying close attention to our actions. We don’t take time to…

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Three Surprising Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Last month the World Happiness Report ranked countries on how happy their citizens are. Sadly, in recent years, the USA has been dropping down the list. We fell this year…

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