One shortcut to reframe stress

There are no disagreements that we are living through challenging times. Challenges can increase stress levels and make us re-establish priorities in our lives. Usually, when we talk about stress,…

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black vehicle speedometer

A stranger at the gas station

Yesterday my husband called to tell me about a situation he observed while he stopped his car at a gas station to check his phone. At the same time, another…

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girl in black dress and red heart balloon wall decal

How to cope with emotional loses

During this year, a lot of us have confronted loses. There are so many types of losses that develop with a global pandemic, political turmoil, wildfires, violence, and uncertainty. Many…

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assorted character wall painting

3 Ways to free yourself from pessimism

Have someone ever told you: “Don’t be so negative, be happy! “ Did you find it useful? Research on optimism forecast that the most common answer is no. Happy is a…

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woman standing on seashore during daytime

Has worrying been helpful to you

Every day we encounter an unlimited amount of things that we decide significant enough to spend some time worrying about. Your health, other people’s health, job, other people’s jobs, future,…

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person walking on beach during daytime

How to create sustainable happiness

If you believe that a happy life is about ease and feeling comfortable and your life is the opposite, unhappiness is your best friend. Our beliefs are so essential for…

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woman sitting on sand

The mindful guide to decision making

Research studies about the decision-making process found that many things we ignore are vital factors when deciding. When I found out about these essential determinators, I was surprised. Knowing about…

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stop signage

For better sleep, stop running after your thoughts

Disrupting your stressful thoughts could be a crucial factor in improving your sleep. Ensuring that you get the sleep you need could hold the key to your overall wellbeing. Difficulties…

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The mindful skill for self-confidence

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always stay attuned to the present moment? Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel confident in expressing your thoughts and feelings? Many…

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woman in white shirt lying on green leaves

One solution for negative self-talk

The other day I was driving to the grocery store, and suddenly a memory from an accident that happened to my son came to mind. I started remembering this painful…

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