The mindful skill for self-confidence

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always stay attuned to the present moment? Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel confident in expressing your thoughts and feelings? Many…

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woman in white shirt lying on green leaves

One solution for negative self-talk

The other day I was driving to the grocery store, and suddenly a memory from an accident that happened to my son came to mind. I started remembering this painful…

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The mental clutter we can’t see

There is one massive frustration that I want to invite you today to get rid of or reduce. This mental clutter is crowding your mind, and we all do it.…

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man carrying stringed instrument while walking the pavement during daytime

Mindfully clearing emotional clutter

I had an Aunt that passed away a few years ago. She used to collect many mementos and decorated her home with them. She loved to stay connected with people…

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hands formed together with red heart paint

How to train a compassionate brain

In everyday life, we come across behaviors that we see in people that we dislike. Whether we find them disgusting, impatient, irrational, or obnoxious, we are judging these people. We…

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silhouette photography of person

Doubt as an unconventional path to happiness

In east Asia, spiritual teachers have used an ancient tradition to help their students find a profound change of heart. The heart’s evolution comes from looking different at their world…

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woman in black and white plaid blazer

What to do when you feel powerless

If someone says to you, I feel powerless; you can assume that they feel fear and lack skills to deal with a situation. They have also given control of the…

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woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on sidewalk during daytime

Do you have a negative thinking addiction?

I never realized that my mind was so stuck in negative thinking until I started a meditation practice. Not until I started paying attention to my thoughts did I noticed…

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elevator signage

How to overcome an old hurtful emotional wound

Suppose I ask you to pretend that you are in an elevator. In this elevator, you are the only person inside. There are three floors. On the first floor, the…

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flame illustration

Why is the vagus nerve essential for wellbeing

Stress is individual and personal. You come out of the grocery store, and you see some smoke in the parking lot. When you look, you see a fire in an…

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