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A mindful solution to finding your center.

Most of the time, we begin our actions based on what our mind is saying. We decide to do something, depending on what is going on in our head. It…

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two women and man walking in the street during daytime

How to live a longer and happier life

Most of us want to live healthier and longer lives. We want to live longer; we want to do it in a way that we enjoy being alive and feel…

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woman standing on grass field near trees

Find calm with a new meditation

Recently I decided to explore a new way of focusing on my meditation. I began to practice my meditation with my eyes open. Keeping my eyes open is a unique…

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woman sitting on chair beside cup in front of body of water

A mindful strategy to stop mind chatter

We live in a world with lots of sounds. Most of the day, we don’t pay attention to the sounds around us. When we were babies, our hearing was more…

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yellow bee perch on yellow petaled flower

The mindfulness practice of deep listening

One of my favorite things to do is to lose myself in Nature. I find that Nature gives me clarity and serenity and opens my mind to looking at life…

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woman in white long-sleeved collared shirt holding teacup

Hack your brain with small doses of mindfulness

Recently I have added short mindfulness practices in my day to stay connected to the present moment. I am doing these practices to hack my brain. Our brain learns better…

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Overcome a challenge using the power of others

In the book The upside to stress, Dr. Kelly Mc Gonigal reports that when we do better at overcoming challenges when we focus on doing for others or for improving…

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How to reduce stress by doing nothing.

I know how it feels to live a stressful life. I understand how life can feel overwhelming, mindless, and scattered—living with high levels of stress is not favorable for your…

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man hugging woman near trees

How to create more mindful happy relationships

Our close relationships contribute immensely to how positive and happy we feel about our lives. Since I started my journey into a mindful and more joyful life, I realized the…

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person sitting near body of water during daytime

Why do I feel tired when I meditate?

I have a good friend that I have been trying to persuade to start a meditation practice. She has been a little hesitant to commit to a daily meditation due…

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