All you need is love.

blue green and red thread on persons palm

One of my favorite movies is Love actually.

I love this movie because is a great testament on love.

And why Love is the most important thing.



Social recognition.

Mean nothing if you are lonely.

And you don’t have love.

It’s true, love is all you need.

Build your relationships.

Invest everything.

Engage in meaningful conversations.

Spend more time with those you care about.

Keep the relationships strong.

Nurture them.

Learn how to listen.

Communicate your needs.

Pay attention to the needs of your loved ones.

If unsure ask them.

How can I love you more?

Figure out how to compromise.

Chose your relationships.

Invest in people that deserve your love and attention.

Find more laughter.

Create joy in your relationships.

Forget about being right.

Always choose love and kindness first.

One quote
“The only thing necessary in this world is love. Everything else is secondary.”
-Kamand Kojouri

One question
Is love the most important things in your life?

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