All negative feelings are based on fear

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As a mother, a lot of my worries tend to be around my children. I want them to be safe, healthy and happy. It is common for my mind to get caught worrying about their future. This repetitive thinking creates negative feelings.

Fear is the source

I have realized through my mindfulness practice that a lot of my negative feelings about my worries come from fear. My desire to control things and fulfill my expectations about how I think the future should be.

Positive emotions

One mindful way to cope with feelings based on fear is to enhance positive emotions. Most of my fears are because my mind is creating imagined threats. When I picture in my mind negative situations in the future they bring negative feelings.

I can feel disappointment, frustration, and helplessness. Usually, my body lets me know with tension, heaviness and gripping. When I notice these signs, I accept my feelings and then move to find a counterpart.

Positive experiences

If I’m feeling disappointed, I accept it and bring to mind situations that I remember being proud of.  If its frustration, I think about times that my frustration was wrong and things turn out better than my expectations. If I feel helpless, I bring to mind moments of my life that hope pulled me through a challenging time.

Accepting negativity

Dealing with negative feelings is part of living. Having mindfulness has helped understand this and not go into self-criticism to make matters worse. Being kind and gentle with ourselves is the best way to cope in life. Enhancing positive emotions is my way to be kind and gentle to myself.

One quote

“There is always light behind the clouds”
― Louisa May Alcott

One question

Can you identify fear the last time you experienced a difficult negative feeling?

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