A simple step to heal the child in you.

woman sitting on brown surface watching at body of water

Lack of affection in your childhood could keep you in a deficit…

Maybe you have an emotional deficit.

A deficit from your childhood could be challenging to overcome.

It can interfere with your life and health.

Create challenges in connecting with others.

In developing strong relationships.


It’s hard for you to trust others

There is something simple that you can do.


Your skin is a social organ.

Social touch reinforces loyalty.


When you hold hands with someone.

You activate hormones.

It gives you comfort.

It makes you feel safe.

The more caressing you have with a safe person.

The more you can heal your childhood.

You build more trust.

Being nurtured reduces cortisol.

Stress and anxiety.

It heals your brain.

Resets your nervous central system.

Hold hands.

Connect with your touch.

Take a simple step to heal.

One quote
“To touch is to give life.”


One question
How can you find more ways to safely connect people?

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