A mindful way to deal with perfection.

praying man wearing eyeglasses

I used to be happy when things were perfect.

I was rarely happy.

Always finding what was wrong.

This obsession was exhausting.

I was never satisfied.

Positive psychology has taught me to change.

If I to be happy, I need to do the opposite.

Keep my eyes on what is working in my life.

Notice and acknowledge.

If you want to be happy.

Pay attention to the good.

Be grateful.

Gratitude is more that old wisdom.

It can help overcome depression.

Reduce risks of illness and improve health.

If being grateful is not natural to you?

Don’t worry.

Anyone can learn.

Train yourself to be grateful.

Everyday set an intention.

Focus on what is working in your life.

When you find something wrong with your life.


In that moment find something good.

Say “ Thank you”

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”-Meister Eckhart

What is working in your life today❓

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