A mindful solution to finding your center.

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Most of the time, we begin our actions based on what our mind is saying. We decide to do something, depending on what is going on in our head. It dictates how you move, grab, and walk based on your internal conversation. 

Today I want you to consider trying something different. Instead of leading with the head, find your center first and then move thought your action. Try pausing and connecting with the center of your body. Bring your attention to your spine and the area below the navel. This area is called in Japanese, “Hara.”

The Hara is the center of gravity of your body. By connecting with this section, you will begin to shift your body and move differently. This shift of your mind can help with keeping the mind more present and balanced. In its essence is a mindful exercise that will ground you.


To remind yourself of this mindfulness practice, you can begin taking slow walks and focusing on your Hara as you walk. If you can practice walking barefoot, it’s even better as it will increase your balance awareness.

When you are at your desk or while eating, find the center of gravity. Move based on feeling this part of your body while you move in a balanced way. Do not lead with your head, shoulders, or upper torso.


You can also put a small piece of tape or sticker in your Hara. Doing this will remind you throughout your day to reconnect with it. If you keep reconnecting with your Hara, you will find that your mind will stay more focused and reduce mind wandering. 


As you stay more focused on your Hara, you will also begin to notice how your posture plays an essential part in your mood, physical energy, and how you carry yourself in your day. 

Back to balance

If you feel stressed and scattered during your day, you can also use your Hara to reconnect you back to balance. Please take a minute and bring your attention to it. Stay focused on this area of your body. Keep this mental connection until you feel more settled and grounded.

One quote

“When you find your center, you will not be drawn into someone else’s storm; instead, they will be drawn toward your peace.”

Becky Bro

One question

What strategies do you use to find mental balance when you feel scattered?

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