Steady mind in just 3 minutes

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I frequently hear from friends and clients that they are concerned about their distracted minds. They worry about their difficulties with concentration and forgetfulness. If you are also feeling like this, you are not alone.

Staying focused is getting harder in our distracted world.

Sometimes our distractions are external and created by our environment. Our computers, phones, tablets, and other noises. Brain researchers are finding that we are more distracted than ever.

Our brain is dealing with too many external distractions that are creating internal distractions.

We are struggling with concentration because we are more worried and stressed than previous generations. Our lifestyles are creating too much stimulation. Our brain is having problems staying focused.

To steady our minds we need to break these cycles of distractions, worry, and stress. It’s key to retrain in new mental patterns. You need to begin mind training to improve focus and better concentration.

You can start by doing this simple exercise. Begin with turning off notifications on your phone, and close your computer. Look around you and remove potential distractions. Find a place where you won’t be interrupted by others.

Steady your mind

Step One

Focus your attention

Set a timer for three minutes. Pick an object in front of you to focus your attention. It could be something on your desk. If you are outside focus on a tree or sounds from nature. If you are laying down in bed you can focus on a crease on the blanket.

Step two

Sustain your attention

Relax your eyes and keep looking at the object. If you start to feel tense, breathe and relax the body. Keep sustaining your attention.

Step Three

Re-focus the mind

When your mind wanders, say out loud “thinking”. Take one deep breath. Then come back to focusing on the object.

Step Four

End on a happy note

When your time is up, take three breaths and smile. This will take you even deeper into relaxation. You will feel more centered to continue with the rest of your day.

One quote

“The mind is what the brain does.”- Rick Hanson

One question

What can you change to reduce distractions in your day?

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