3 Steps to calm yourself when feeling anxious

Photo by Natalia Figueredo

Knowing how to center your mind could be a very valuable tool to have when you are feeling stressed. You can do these steps in your morning to start your day or whenever you feel you need it in the day. Consistent practice of these mindful steps has been proven to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.
During this mindfulness exercise, your mind is going to wander. Maybe get distracted and drift to something else. This is expected and may happen multiple times. When it does, don’t let it get to you. Simply return to the last step you remember doing from the exercise.

1. Unplug

Turn off any devices that could distract you. Find a comfortable position that supports your back and keeps your spine straight. You can sit or lay down on the floor or a comfortable chair. Find a quiet room or space.

2. Breath

Close your eyes or keep them open focusing on something in front of you. It’s easy to start with your breath as is it always with you and is easy to connect with. Feel your body breathing. Think like a child who is experiencing something new and fascinating. Explore it.

3. Observe

Become aware of your breath as this multi-step process. Pay attention to each transition. Sense your breath starting in the nostrils, feel it moving as you inhale. Sense the exhalation and feel your breath moving down in the throat. You can also explore the breath creating movement on your belly, chest, and back.

One quote

“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.”
― Amit Ray

One question

What do you find the hardest thing to do when you practice mindfulness?

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