3 Simple Steps to Achieve Complete Relaxation


Whenever I attend a yoga class at the studio, it always ends with corpse pose or Savasana. It doesn’t matter what type of class it is or which teacher, it always finishes with the same pose.

Recently one of my yoga teacher’s said that it is the most important pose of all. How interesting is that? The pose that requires you to stay still and don’t do any twisting or balancing is the most important one.

Savasana is all about relaxation. When you are in this pose, everything around you comes to a full stop. It’s like all the senses, and the body were on high alert in the class, and Savasana brings then to the balance.

In the book Yoga: Home practice., there is a description of three steps that I have been using to guide my Savasana. These simple tips will help you through achieving complete yogic relaxation.

1. Physical relaxation

Start with lying on your back and take three slow even breaths. Feel your body sinking downward pulled by gravity. Then picture parts of your body and mentally say to yourself, Relax.

For example, start with your feet, imagine your feet and say mentally,  “Relax.” Then go up through your body, ankles, legs, knees, hips, back, pelvis, chest shoulders, arms, elbows, wrist, neck, head, face. Visualize the body part and continue with smooth, gentle breaths.

2. Mental relaxation

Once you finish relaxing the whole body, then place your awareness in your breath. Feel how your breath starts at your nostrils and moves through your body. Pay attention to the length of your breath and melt into it.

If your mind wanders, don’t get frustrated. Just come back to your breathing. Continue to observe the flow of air moving in and out. You will focus on your exhalation to become calmer.

3. Visualize a peaceful place

Lastly, visualize a relaxing place. Think about something that is calming to you. A beautiful meadow, a quiet lake or beach. Picture how things slow down in this place and how the environment is relaxed. Imagine yourself resting and enjoying the calmness. Continue your gentle breathing while you feel the peace.

To come out of the pose, move your body slowly.  Sit in a comfortable position. If possible, try to keep your eyes closed. Spent a minute seated and continue gently breathing.

Just sit still until your body feels awake and let your eyes decide when to open.

Enjoy your yogic relaxation and savor it as long as possible.

“Savasana is being without was, being without will be. It is being without anyone who is.”

B.K.S. Iyengar


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