3 Mindful ways to practice self-care

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Caring for ourselves is essential. It contributes to your well being and to the ones around you. Practice self-care if you are a parent, carer or look after others.

How do you practice self-care right now?

Look at what you do and consider adding one or more of these tips.

1. Bring self-compassion when you are overwhelmed

You can use a mantra to be kind to your self. Repeat it when you are suffering, stressed or anxious. “May I be kind to myself at this moment”

2. Treat your body with love and kindness.

Don’t be critical or focus on the things you dislike. If you do, stop the negative remark with gratitude. Say something positive about your body. “I’m grateful for my….”

3. Bring mindfulness to your self-care daily.

Do simple things that replenish your physical, mental and spiritual needs. Listen to music, pray, find silence, meditation, exercise, dance, paint, yoga, walk… Find time for you consistently every day.

One quote

“Life is not something to waste. It’s truly precious.”

– Michael Singer

One question

What can you do to bring more mindfulness to your self-care?\

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