How to stay grounded and stop judgments

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I want to stay more connected with the present and mindful every day. Letting go of the past and not worrying about the future is where I want to be. But in reality, how can I do this? How can I stay present when my mind likes to wander and judge all the time?

If you are like me, maybe you have asked yourself these questions. I have been committed to living more mindfully for quite some time. My journey started some years ago and is still going. One important lesson that I’ve realized is that mindfulness is about consistency building mental habits.

I do my seated mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises daily, but I also want to stay present in my day. I want to continue taming my monkey mind in my daily routines.

Adding new mental habits to your day can help in this mindful journey. These simple habits have made a significant impact on my life. They disrupt unnecessary worries, judgments, and keeping me present.

Slow down

Why are we so obsessed with rushing through our day? Being all the time in a hurry keeps your mind, heart, and breath in stress mode. Find one of your five senses to remind you to slow down.

I’m a very visual person, so I picked the sense of sight. I love nature, moss, the sky, lakes, insects, birds, mountains, pebbles, and watching the wind move trees.

During my day, I take time to slow down whenever I notice any of these. I stop whatever I’m doing and pay attention to them. As a bonus, if I’m by myself, I take 5-10 mindful breathes to admire the beauty and connect with nature.


Our world is obsessed with perfection, and we are passively watching messages that emphasize negativity about ourselves. Primarily we are frequently reminded about things in our bodies that we should change, remove, and erase.

Whenever I find myself caught in a negative space about comparing myself or my body to others, I pause. As soon as I realize that I being self- critical, I stop and connect with self-compassion.

Pause, take a deep breath, and find three things that you are grateful for about yourself. Let go of criticism and open your heart to mindful gratitude.

Extend compassion to others

In our world, it is effortless to create enemies when we see everyone else as separate from us. When I’m rushing to get things done, and I’m only thinking about me, anybody can become a source of stress. During your day, take time to look at people and see their humanity.

If a slow driver cuts you off while driving and forces you to break, don’t react. Instead of cursing or give them the finger, breathe. Slow down. Think about a family member or someone you love and ask yourself:

If this was my loved, will I be able to let go of it?

Take a pause and reflect on how compassion to others can enhance your life with more mindfulness and fewer judgments.

One quote

Where are you hurrying to? You will see the moonlight tonight, wherever you go.”
-Shikibu Izumi

One question

What can you do today to slow down and be more mindful?

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